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Personal Emergency System


The iSAFE and iSAFE plus!

The first of its kind, the iSAFE and iSAFE Plus offer direct GPS Location and two-way calling with the push of a button on a nationwide 3G wireless network, so users can remain connected to safety and their loved ones anytime, anywhere.

iSAFE includes:

  • Direct GPS Location, sends the user’s location directly to the monitoring center

  • Connectivity to a nationwide 3G wireless network keeping users safe in all 50 states

  • Extended battery life of up to 72 hours

  • Crystal clear audio quality

iSAFE Plus includes all of the above, plus:

  • The ability to Locate Loved One (LLO) by checking the unit’s location

  • Fall detection* capabilities, which place an automatic call to the Call Center if the device’s motion sensors detect a fall

  • A Geo-Fencing feature which notifies loved ones or caregivers if the user travels outside their pre-programmed “safe zone”

  • A ring on request feature to help users find their responders should they be misplaced.

* Fall detectors do not detect 100% of falls and Location availability based on network coverage.

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